Sean Breed, Selym Records


Born in Brooklyn, New York, rapper Sean Breed has become accustom to the trials and tribulations associated with being a child of the ghetto. When his father left when he was 6, he became withdrawn and immersed himself in the only thing that soothed the beast in his young tortured soul … music. He became obsessed with literature and the power it had to change circumstance, people, and even moods. His talent in putting words together quickly became word of mouth in the housing project Sean moved to in Staten Island. It was there that he saw the effect that drugs, addiction, and murder had on the lyrics penned in his book.

Hope and a way out was on the menu and Sean became obsessed in rapping about how to achieve this. His talent has taken him around the world and after a lot of failed major label relationship, he started Selym Records and released many songs and videos including “Yes2Day” which garnered airplay on MTV. His new single “Day 2 Day” will sure paint the picture of day to day life in the hood without focusing on all the negative.

“There are a lot of positive aspects of the ghetto,” says Sean. “It really helps you with life survival skills if applied properly. He’s untitled EP is slated for a spring release. We patiently await.

Official website:
Soundcloud: @selymrecords
Twitter: @iLuvseanbreed
Instagram: @seanbreed


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