Sean Anthony, Ringing Bigger Bells


Bold, ambitious, and motivated are not just a collection of random words, but rather 3 very simple words that can describe this talented artist. Sean Anthony, formally known as By Any Meanz, was born March of 1988 in the Bay Area of Oakland California. Shortly after his birth he and his family relocated to Vallejo, California where he began his journey into manhood. Sean’s upbringing caused him many obstacles that would create the wise and tenacious man that he is today. Being raised in an abusive household by the hands of his step-father till the age of 13, and not knowing his biological father until around that same time, really affected his life in a very negative way.

At the age of 13 years old Sean was introduced to the art of making music by a very close friend of his. His friend came over and installed the popular production program Fruity Loops on his computer and quickly showed him the basics to get started making beats. Being the fast learner that he is he then started to discover how to produce his own sound and spent hours working on his craft and slowly started developing his passionate flow that defines him as an artist today. Sean is definitely in his own lane and has a rap style that he very proudly calls his own. His music depicts a man that discovers himself through a life filled with lessons of triumphs, tribulations, and perseverance. And nobody can tell his story better than he can.

With the recent release of his mixtape, “Motivated Mind State: Since 1988,” he’s definitely showing the rap game that he is a force to be reckoned with. Sean Anthony definitely brings real back to hip-hop and displays his level of versatility with his diverse subject and content matter and his choice of production as well. While in the process of building his fan base and preparing his next project release, Sean is looking to spread his brand and explore other ventures such as modeling and acting. Be prepared to hear his name ring bigger bells as he subtly advances in his pursuit to be considered one of the greats.

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