Sealed Shut, Expressing Myself To The Fullest

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Sealed Shut is a passionate upcoming artist who plans to take the world by storm one day. He has the ability to make any style of music within the EDM scene and beyond. On his Soundcloud you can find Dubstep, Glitch Hop, House, Experimental music, and even Hip Hop beats; something that any listener could enjoy. With 4 years of FL Studio and Ableton experience under his belt, he strives to create the best quality music along with crisp original sound production. After starting to produce electronic music at the young age of 15, he followed his dream and made it into McNally Smith College of Music while still in high school to learn from the best.

This talented musician is trying his hardest to make his mark turning every which way to figure out how to express himself to the fullest. All he wants to do is create art and find a deeper connection with people through music: music to dance to, music to cry to, and music that makes you think. That is Sealed Shut’s style.

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