Savage Souls, Illnastastic


Savage Souls continues a long running, albeit seemingly forgotten, tradition of lyrically driven/sample based Hip Hop. From the “pause-play” tape feel featured on their pseudo freshman effort, “The Fitting,” to the break neck vocal cadences of “Savage Saturday: The Mixtape,” the vintage production style of “Illnastatic,” to the sound defining “Sword Gang,” the trio brings a sound, both fresh and yet incredibly familiar.

Kae G The Original Seed’s dusty instrumental beds and gruff voice war bar for bar alongside the laser like precision of Fortune the Iron Mic Mangler’s impeccable control of the English language and rhythm. If that weren’t enough, DJ Icirus’ tactical turntablism thrashes through each mix and brings an organized confusion to the ears of the listener to bring Savage Souls’ sound full circle.

With the release of “Illnastastic” in August of 2014, Savage Souls kicked off a year-long initiative to release a total of four EPs that will culminate in a debut album in 2015. The release of “Sword Gang” marked the midway point giving way to the forthcoming EP entitled simply “Invasion.”

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