Sasha Chaa, Beautyfull


“She’s a sponge that absorbs everything as fast as we drop it, she’s picking it up,” – Yani John (N.O.M co-manager)

Actor, model, and proud of her Algerian decent, Sasha Chaa is a young Canadian singer living in Montreal, Quebec who is also diverse in fashion and photography. With platinum writers N.O.M, her latest single “Beautyfull” is ready to launch and has many colors. “This song blends the sounds of Pop, House, and R&B all together as one” proclaimed Sasha Chaa.

Sasha brings a unique show. She’s a performer and always with a surprising twist. She is popular for remixing old school classics back to new. Her videos “Encore” and “On the Upside” are amazing while her “Take You Home” single is a perfect new school remix. Sasha is most excited to debut her new EP titled “Supernova.”

Management: Spark – 4indamorning

Official website:
Facebook: @SashaChaa
Instagram: @Sasha.Chaa
Twitter: @SashaChaa_


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