San Andrews Riding The Buzz Of His EP Ghost Pathology


Music artist San Andrews is no new person to the music and recording industry. From diverse styles and performances, the music stands out as an entity all its own. The quality of art, music, and dedication put forth by San Andrews has definitely made a mark and impact on the music community. It won’t be long before you hear his music nationwide and internationally. Major moves are being made.

“In grade school many teachers wrongfully assumed that I was dyslexic and placed me in different classes to solve the problem. In attempts to overcome my dyslexia my mom introduced me to poetry – something I began to both read and write,” San Andrews recalls. After years of using it to cope with the burdens that accompanied his ADD diagnoses, he infused his passion for writing with his love of music. He derives inspiration from all sounds of life and has been influenced by a variety of diverse artists including Nate Dogg, Amy Winehouse, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

San Andrews has performed at sold out shows in the Portland, OR area and dropped The Introduction mixtape in 2013. In April of 2016 he release the EP titled Ghost Pathology. He’s currently working on a new EP that’ll feature more live instrumentation; the project is slated for a July or August release. Additionally, he’ll be creating visual artwork as well as new merchandise for his most recent project as well as his upcoming EP.

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