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Born and raised in Washington State, Sammattick got influenced to music at an early age when his father would play the records of many artist such as DJ Quik, Bone Thugs, Prince, Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff who are all huge influences. Sammattick started rapping at the age of 13, while his father helped perfect his craft he became more serious into pursuing a career in music. After recording a catalog of songs with friends in Washington, he realized how easily he could sustain success in the music industry by moving to California.

While settling into the new city of Victorville, Sammattick hit the ground running uploading a series of singles to Soundcloud. He started to garner attention in the surrounding area of Victorville, California from barbershops and local pop up shops after the release of his hit single “Summertime.” He went on to record an official video to the single that generated a crowd of 200 plus to shoot the video.

“What I have in store for 2015 should be very interesting. I will be releasing my first official project before the year is out. I’m also working on an EP as well, more updates will be coming soon. Also looking to start booking shows in the California area and doing a college tour in the surrounding area as well,” says Sammattick The Rebel.

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RudeBoy: Why did you choose to get into the music industry?

Sammattick: I’ve chosen to get into the music industry simply because I just love music. It’s all that truly makes sense to me in this world. It’s always been a part of me to perform and rap. It gets deep, when I have my headphones on with my music blaring, what I do and each step in my life becomes a never ending music video. A soundtrack to life that I add the lyrics to.

RudeBoy: Who are your musical influences?


My Father B-NEW:

Ever since I could remember, I woke up every morning with him playing the drums and having new songs. I even remember as a kid stealing his note books and trying to rap his stuff at school. He taught my ears to love DJ Quik, Bone Thugs to Prince, Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff. All huge influences. I don’t know if I would be as good as I am today if my dad never rapped. I mean, shit, he has never lost a battle.

My Brother Neefy:

My brother called me March 20, 2012 all the way from Texas stating he was starting a label and wanted me to be the first to be on it. I moved straight to Texas for this project and stayed for about 8 months. Every single day I was there helped me sharpen my skills. I developed Sammattick and I really pushed my limits to be the best I could be. I was given 3 takes when I stepped in the booth and was demanded perfection or I couldn’t record. He was tough as hell on me, he never cut me a break, but also never gave up on me. It all just made me stronger.

My Uncles James Wright and Anthony Wright:

Uncle James could always play every instrument he touches. He was a vocalist as well as rapper and always used the term we weren’t’ cut from the same cloth. He made me strive to be one of the greatest.

Uncle Anthony was a genius! He raps in poem form and his metaphors always kept my brain going. Other than my Dad he is one of the smartest men I know. He has always encouraged me to be the best and be my own person. He’s always been a big fan of mine.

Chance The Rapper:

Chance The Rapper is a one of a kind human being. I myself resonate with his originality and the way he carries himself. Half the reason I am The Rebel is because he believed in doing things that have not been done before; totally being different and thinking outside the box. He’s never stopped believing who he is or has forgot his singing mixed in his rap is a key factor. My song “Ciggs And Vapors” has a very similar style to some of his releases.

MGK: Is one of the last of a dying breed of original bad boys in my opinion. The guy has the Cleveland sound and is known for its speed rapping. He made Bone Thugs proud and inspired a lot of my fast spitting tracks. He is the Cobain of Hip-Hop.

RudeBoy: How do you define success?

Sammattick: I believe success is the ability to accomplish any goal set with true passion and determination driving it to a never ending peak of greatness within one’s perception.

RudeBoy: What have you accomplished so far in your career?

Sammattick: Receiving press from reputable magazines and blogs for my single and music video “Sammattick – Summertime.” And officially getting my songs released on iTunes and I’ll be on Spotify and Beats soon!

RudeBoy: What can we expect from you in 2014?

Sammattick: My music career rising, this is the beginning of a very long climax ahead for years to come. Possible features on MTV outlets worldwide, VH1, and music choice. New music coming soon as well. Mixtape out soon with a sneak preview of the new single. Full EP due out Dec. 15th.

RudeBoy: What do you ultimately want to accomplish in the music industry?

Sammattick: To build an empire and becoming a musical icon in this Entertainment business and just make an impact on the industry, doing it my way and my creativity. Along with bringing back the throwback 90’s flow!

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