Sam Sheavy, Mind Right


Sam Sheavy is a New Jersey recording artist and songwriter whose artistic process began as a child during frequent exposure to music. The expression of music helped him develop his own sound and style, but life has been his consistent inspiration and helps shape his words more formidably. Now his primary source of inspiration for his richly diverse subject matter comes from the humanistic need to find and maintain balance within oneself. His art is characterized by vibrant sounds, contrasting words, and bold compositions.

Sam is the recipient of life, a child of God and proudly represents his family for they are the beat of his heart. Fans have stated, “Sam Sheavy demonstrates a highly developed sense of sound, cadence and a keen attention to detail. He illuminates qualities that often go unnoticed by the casual observer.” His music work is available on many social media platforms throughout the U.S.

Sam’s latest track release on Soundcloud titled “Real Friends” was released in Late January 2016 and features a sick beat that’s sure to have you grooving to it.

iTunes: “Mind Right” Single
Amazon: “Mind Right” Single
Facebook: @sam.sheavy.3
Instagram: @samsheavy
Twitter: @samsheavy
Soundcloud: @sam-sheavy
Spotify: Sam Sheavy | “Mind Right”

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