Saint Jerrod, Kali Kreek Dub Collective


Saint Jerrod hails from Lexington, KY and has been making music for over 20 years. From his early projects,”Groovezilla” and “Rudies,” to his most current “Kali Kreek Dub Collective, “he has always brought a mashup of genres. He mixes Reggae, Ska, Dub, and Punk to create a raw underground vibe with an ear towards heavy bass lines and socially conscious lyrics. His groups have shared stages with Bad Brains, Fishbone, The Wailers, and The English Beat.

The 2014 release of “Bluegrass Babylon” by Kali Kreek Dub Collective was a new direction for Saint Jerrod and crew. Acting as engineer and producer, the instrumental album creates many different vibes for the listener. According to Daniel Fischer of Flashpoint Magazine, “Jerrod Figgs and Co. have created an album that remains rooted in traditional Reggae while also taking influence from various other genres … Songs like ‘Skylarking,’ ‘Fist Fullah Dub,’ and ‘Toothchipper’ are perfect for a lounge atmosphere while others like ‘Destroyer of Worlds’ and ‘Oasis Dub’ feature a more sinister tone and club like presence.”

Saint Jerrod is currently working on a follow up release for Kali Kreek Dub Collective titled “432 Knucklehead Lane.”

Kali Kreek Dub Collective

Saint Jerrod: keys, synths, and melodica
Steve Cherry: bass
Tim Welch: drums
Willie Eames: guitar
DeBraun Thomas: guitar
David Farris: percussions, effects

Official website:
Soundcloud link:


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