RZA Says Raekwon Demands Too Much For Wu-Tang Album

The current hold-up on Wu Tang Clan’s anticipated album A Better Tomorrow seems to be revolving around RZA and Raekwon. On Sway’s Universe Sirius/XM satellite radio show, RZA spoke about the album and the situation, essentially saying that the compensation Raekwon wants is unreasonable given the budget for the album.

“His demands are not unreasonable as who he is and the value of what he brings to any industry,” RZA said. “But being that Wu-Tang is a conglomerate, a big conglomerate of 10 to 12 people, those demands can’t be met… And we in a situation right now where the budget can’t really sustain what he’s demanding… and for that to be equal across the board. And not even equal, even if we was to say ‘Well, he gets a percentage more than him or a percentage more than him.’ What he’s demanding is so — takes so much weight on the budget that the record can’t be done…If I’m about to do 30 sessions, that’s what 600 grand? The budget can’t sustain that. I can’t afford to do that because we’re in a time of our industry where we not walking in getting one, two, three, four million dollar budgets no more.”

RZA went on to say that he has received offers up to $1 million to fund the album, but that with so much involved that amount would be a fraction of what was needed. He later mentioned that Method Man had already recorded nine verses, and had not even mentioned compensation or other financial terms for his work.

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