RUPSHERD, From Punk Rock To Rap


Formed on Feb. 21 2009, RUPSHERD (or birth name Blaine Walton) is from Murrieta, CA and was born Aug. 6 1992. He started performing, composing, and writing music when he was just twelve. Ever since he was little he was always fascinated by music and the possibilities that can come from it. He was raised into poverty around a gritty lifestyle and he has learned to incorporate that into his aggressive music and vocals. His name RUPSHERD, is actually an acronym that stands for R.hymes U.sed P.erfectly S.o H.ateful E.xistences R.adically D.ecline.

RUPSHERD was set to pursue punk rock music until the tragic death of his father when he was fifteen. He quickly found an escape from his problems by converting to hip-hop. That seemed to be the only genre of music that really allowed him to express himself in the way he wanted to and gave him a lot of experience in how music is put together in the process. Trials and tribulations have taught him that music is where he belongs. He’s learned to take all of his past suffering and put it into his music to help others see the light in their day and help others know that they can be somebody if we really believe.

RUPSHERD is a short, white rapper who’s ready to change the face of music forever, or to at least make an impact on how it’s done. He knows he has the passion and ambition to succeed in this business. A graduate of the Music Business Program at The Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA and self-taught in production, composing, writing, and promoting it’s safe to say he is ready for the opportunities and fan-base that he is sure to build in his career.

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