Rude Girl: Nicodie Mayling, Not Giving Up

Name: Nicodie Mayling
Hometown: New York
Ethnicity: African American
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Relationship Status: In A Relationship
Photographer Credits: Miguel Joly, Harold Waight, Daniel Hugh Morris

Tell us briefly about your modeling career and what has come out of it.
My modeling career is aspiring to be something great. So far I’ve had a quite a few important people reach out to me and a lot of attention has been on me in a positive way.

Tell us some of your greatest achievements in your career today.

Some great achievements in my career was getting the honor to meet some very inspiring people who are in the same industry as me and sharing the same dream as me.

What are some of the toughest challenges about your job and what are some things you do to overcome the challenges?
The toughest challenge for me as an aspiring model is having the strength to not give up in this industry that’s tough to get into. What I do to overcome that is just tell myself that no matter what just stay positive and as long as you believe in yourself nothing else should matter.

What are some characteristics you should have to be prepared in this industry?
You should have mental toughness and a great personality, and most of all ambition.

What should aspiring female models be careful of? What are some things that can be unforeseen? 
As an aspiring model, from my learning experience, be careful of people trying to take advantage of you because you’re up and coming. Do your research and get knowledgeable about the industry you’re getting into.

What hobbies are you into outside of modeling? What do you do on weekends and on your time off?
Other than modeling, another hobby of mine is dancing, exercising, and cooking. On the weekends when I have free time I love to hang out with my family and my boyfriend, and just relax and enjoy their company and go to the movies or hang out in the city.

Any last statements for Rude Boy viewers?
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