Rude Girl: Michelle Blair, Was Shy & Quiet

Name: Michelle Blair
Hometown: Napa, Ca
Ethnicity: Caucasion
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Relationship Status: Dating
Photographer Credits: Teejay Delacruz

Tell us briefly about your modeling career and what has come out of it.
I have been modeling for five months now. In this brief time I have learned a lot about what it takes to potentially become a successful model. I am now signed with an agency, had the privilege of doing a few campaigns, and am building up a very strong portfolio.

Tell us some of your greatest achievements in your career today.
I feel like getting started in this business was a huge achievement for me. I would have to say that working for Skip Pas of West Coast Leather was my greatest achievement. After applying for the casting call and actually getting the job, I was ecstatic. I believe I actually cried as well. When I arrived I found out I would mainly be modeling for Candice Ccuocos line.

Once I started wearing her leather I felt strong, comfortable, and ready for anything this career would bring me. As she always says, “Step out of society’s guidelines and dress to conquer.”

I was always that shy and quiet girl. Let’s just say that’s not me anymore.

What are some of the toughest challenges about your job and what are some things you do to overcome the challenges?
Definitely the toughest thing about this career is the criticism you receive, but what I realized is you aren’t right for every job and every job is not right for you. In this career you have to find your niche and put everything you can into that niche and be satisfied with that.

What are some characteristics you should have to be prepared in this industry?
Be well rounded, make sure to show that you can succeed in just one aspect of the industry. Show respect to those you work with. Most of all make sure you show confidence in your work.

What should aspiring female models be careful of? What are some things that can be unforeseen?
Getting started is very difficult. You need to know how to do your own makeup and hair about 90 percent of the time and have enough clothes in your closet to bring to your shoots. I would also be careful working with any photographer.

I know at first it’s exciting and you just want to work with anyone that wants to work with you, but it takes a lot of research to make sure the photographer will benefit your portfolio in some way. If you don’t think he or she will then wait for the next one.

What hobbies are you into outside of modeling? What do you do on weekends and on your time off?
I enjoy anything active. Kickboxing, yoga, and even the gym. I also enjoy those weekend nights out with my friends.

Any last statements for Rude Boy viewers?
Just remember there is so much awesome shit to be happy about.

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