Rude Girl: Agnes Liong, Challenging Myself

Name: Agnes Liong
Hometown: Hamburg
Ethnicity: Indonesian, German, Chinese
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Relationship Status: Single
Photographer Credits: Ernest Sambrano, Scott Watson

Tell us briefly about your modeling career and what has come out of it.
I started modeling when I was 19. My friend was a photographer and needed a model for his portfolio, so I thought “Why not?” It turned out that he was really good and I posted the photos on Model Mayhem. From there, photographers started to contact me and my modeling career began! After doing some modeling, I wanted to challenge myself and do something new, hence I started competing in pageants.

So far, I have achieved:

Miss Germany International
United States Miss
Miss New York Supranational
Miss San Francisco Beauties Of The Nation
Miss Vietnam of Northern California-2nd Princess
Miss Asian America Finalist

Bullied as a child for my appearance, I never thought I was beautiful, let alone becoming a model. However, God has blessed me with my modeling and pageantry career and it definitely gave me a power boost of confidence and gives me the fire to be a positive role model for young women to always believe in themselves and their dreams.

Tell us some of your greatest achievements in your career today.
My story and work has been published in several magazines and radio stations. It makes me really happy that I can share my struggles and experiences to inspire others to never give up their dreams! If you really work hard for it and believe that you can achieve anything, the sky is really the limit!.

I was published in:

Featured Model in Melange featuring Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Show 2013
Featured Model in Warren G Allure Moscato Commercial
Founder of “Stand Up 2 Bullying”
Published in LYFE Magazine
Published in Zele Magazine
Featured in PUMP Magazine
Featured in Petite Magnifique #103 Book: 2
Featured Model in “Models for a Better Planet”
Featured in Boom Boom Down
Featured Model in A&H Lifestyle
Model of The Month-Super Model Central
Published Editorial Model in Giuseppina Magazine Volume II
Published Editorial Model in Freque Magazine 2013 Volume II
Published Editorial Model in Viet Beauty Magazine 2012

What are some of the toughest challenges about your job and what are some things you do to overcome the challenges?
I am a very petite model, so it is really challenging for me to book modeling jobs – especially for runways. That is why I am also starting to act and sing as well because I think those professions don’t judge you entirely based on your look and height. However, I am not giving up on petite modeling, as I believe that all models regardless of shape and size should be cherished.

Many young girls and women are looking up to us and I believe that we have the extra responsibility to inspire them to always appreciate themselves for who they are. Most people are not 5 foot 9 and 100 pounds and I am determined to change the modeling industry to better represent the ‘average’ people.

What are some characteristics you should have to be prepared in this industry?
Definitely rejections, hard work, professionalism, staying with your values, and fitness! At the beginning, and still now, I faced a lot of rejections just because of my height or because I “don’t have the right look.” However, with my hard work, determination, and endurance I never give up and as a result my story and works were published.

I guess what helps me with overcoming my challenges is to always remember all my supporters who look up to me. I could not live with myself if I let others down, so whenever I get one rejection I always tell myself, “For every rejection I will get 3 Yes-es!” And believe it or not that formula works!

Fitness is definitely a factor too. I became a pescetarian (only eat seafood, no meat) and exercise 1 hour each day to stay in shape. It’s not fun sometimes, but no pain no gain right? Besides, staying fit and healthy not only helps your body to stay in shape, but also our mental health and intelligent will improve as well. Did you know that exercise makes you smarter? So start exercising!

Lastly, always stick with your values! Most photographers push you to the limits of the genre of modeling you don’t want to and are not comfortable with doing. However, I always stick to my values and only do fashion, beauty, and commercial modeling. Nothing else. Period. No matter how good the pay is, I won’t sacrifice my values for anything. Please always keep that in mind when you do shoots.

What should aspiring female models be careful of? What are some things that can be unforeseen?
Scary photographers who make you do things that you are not comfortable with. Remember that you are talented; you don’t need to sacrifice your values, talent, and beauty to reach your dreams. You have that in you already! Just follow your heart, work hard, and never give up!

What hobbies are you into outside of modeling? What do you do on weekends and on your time off?
Acting and singing. I love expressing myself through my voice and also love to play different characters! It’s so much fun! I also love travelling and exploring new foods, cultures, and meeting new people. My goal is to travel to every country by age 65.

Also, I like to shop (bags, shoes, and anything sparkly are my drugs), pamper myself (I am addicted to Gel manicures and pedicures), learn new languages (I am currently learning French), volunteer (I am working on developing my anti bullying campaign “Stand Up To Bullying”), and to wind down I love to watch movies/shows (Arrow, Revenge, Scandal, and Modern Family are my favorites!)

Any last statements for Rude Boy viewers?
Yes! Please follow me at to be the first to know about my latest work (I am in the progress of making my first new music album, so stay tuned!).



Thank you for all your love and support! <3

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