Roy O., Natural Hip Hop

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Dubbed as Houston’s next lyricist, Roy O. is an independent hip hop/soul artist originally born in Nigeria.  Given his childhood experiences, his musical influences include Bob Marley and Tupac. After dominating recreational freestyle sessions, Roy O. began rapping and released his first project, 5 Hopes & 2 Wishes, in 2010 that was completely recorded and mixed in his apartment. He continued to raise the bar musically with releases of The RoyOlty, a highly acclaimed classic, and Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

Roy O.’s most recent release in November 2014, HUE, is his most ambitious effort to date showcasing the depths of his skill and even boasting a feature from Houston’s own Scarface. “We are all different, but we all deal with similar things in life: hunger, love, fear, and pride. It’s on me to find creative ways to address these situations through music,” he reflects on his work.

Roy O. has spent the last year promoting his music and thoroughly preparing for his next release. His style is deeply lyrical with a melodic feel of natural hip hop fit for every moment. Connect with

Official website:
Soundcloud: @royoraps
Instagram: @royoraps
Twitter: @royoraps


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