Rowdy Princess Music Group, A Royal Attitude


“We are a team of writers and producers who create music for ourselves and would eventually like to branch out to create for others who share the passion for expressing themselves in their own unique way.”

Rowdy Princess Music Group is made up of sibling writers and producers Nia and Tiani Wright from New York. The two sisters who migrated with their parents through Brooklyn and Harlem have been singing since they can remember. Nia, the oldest sibling took an interest in poetry and started writing her own at the age of 7. Tiani has been singing and recognizing melodies since she was 2 years old. The sisters grew up listening to various types of music ranging from Alternative to Classic R&B.

Nia took a genuine interest in the art form of Classic Hip-Hop storytelling and decided that was the direction that she wanted to take her music. Tiani decided to stick to R&B with a Hip-Hop twist. The girls were taught music production by their father and in 2013 the sisters decided they would form their own independent label titled Rowdy Princess Music Group. The group name derived from a comment made by their mother about the girl’s “royal” attitude.

Although they create and perform some of their music together, Nia and Tiani insist that they are not a group. Tiani who is 17, is the duo’s lead singer and produces most of the music along with occasional guest producers who help with arranging. Nia, 21, does most of the songwriting including penning her rap lyrics. Their debut EP “No Rules” was released for download in 2014. The project is a collaborative effort showcasing both of their talents as producers and artists.

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