Rose Red, A Leap Of Faith

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Rose Red was born in Lynchburg, Virginia in the early 90’s. She had always viewed hip-hop music as an art form and appreciated the music as an escape of everyday struggles she faced. Rose began writing rhymes at the age of 9 after being exposed to the battle rap culture. She wrote and kept years worth of notebooks full of material that would never be heard because it would be over ten years from the time she started writing until she would first step foot in a recording studio.

In February of 2014 after surviving severely negative circumstances in her personal life, Rose Red decided that it was time for a positive change and in a leap of faith relocated back to Lynchburg, Virginia to start to pursue her career. Starting over with nothing but her vehicle and a dream, Rose started on a journey in which she has accomplished a great amount in a short period of time. Using her modeling experience to her advantage, Red used her images to help push her music to get more exposure. Within six months she has been able to put out multiple singles and collaborate with various artists, both local and out of state.

For a new entertainer, Rose Red has a rapidly growing fan base along the east coast due to her part on multiple mixtapes being released online and in Virginia, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, etc. She has also found herself being part of runway/fashion shows, music videos, and more recently began booking live performances. Her laid back character and down to earth presence landed Rose a position as a radio personality co-hosting for the HillTop radio show which quickly lead to an opportunity for her to host her own radio show. Hosting The 16 Bars show gave Rose a chance to help other independent artists cross the same barriers that she struggled with only months before and she continues to push the message to artists to never stop chasing their dream no matter your circumstances. Rose Red has an original sound, hard hitting lyrics, and a story to tell.

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