Rollsomethin Records, Time Don’t Wait


Established in the state of New Jersey and headed by Barrage, Mr. Rollsomethin, Rollsomethin Records is an indie label carrying a roster of talented artists that include Bump Knight, Arty McFly, and r&b singer Champyon. Team started in 2000 after a record deal with Jetspeed Records went sour leading Barrage to Pyramid Recoding School where he learned the business and technical sides of the music industry.

Barrage moved onto running Boom Studios for 6 years and throughout that time Rollsomethin Records continued to make music and push forward. They’ve been performing at venues showcasing their work. They’re ready to take it to next level.

To get an earful of what Rollsomethin Records has to offer visit Soundcloud and listen to their latest tracks, “Pen and My Pad Mix” and “Greatest MCs.” Today we’re featuring their visual to their track “Time Don’t Wait” featuring head honcho Barrage, Arty, and Bump.

Facebook: @Rollsomethinrecords
Soundcloud: @rollsomethingrecords


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