Rock Corey, Quadruple Threat


Corey Browne aka Rock Corey is a quadruple threat by being one of the next best talents Detroit has to offer. Rock Corey is a gifted soul with fiery talent that was destined to collide with music. Picture a young performer/songwriter/producer from Detroit, Michigan taught in the teachings of the all the greats. After noticing his natural reception to music as a child he was first introduced to the piano by the founder of the award winning Jazz group “Incognito.” Born, raised, and ultimately influenced from an early age on the same block/street as the Flenory Brothers, Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory & Terry “Southwest T” Flenory, Corey walks the tightrope of art and real life.

Currently working in TV/Film licensing and placements, Corey is an in-demand music producer/songwriting collaborator. With his music contributions being featured in several television episodes of “Prison Break,” “The Apprentice,” “America’s Next Top Model,” and in various feature films through 2015 has led to Corey gaining interest from various productions, managers, and publishers from Los Angeles, Detroit, New York, and Toronto.

In believing “no wine before it’s time,” all the while holding out for the most advantageous music arrangement possible, Corey has continued to contribute to his own music catalog and selective others while establishing himself as an on-camera actor. Corey is here by no mistake, just as a diamond takes time to form and to take shape; this steady process has been years in the making. His skills set coupled with his overall physical appeal allows for the ease of positioning Rock Corey as the total package he truly represents.

Learn more about Rock Corey on his Official Artist Website.

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