Rob Carney, On The Come Up


Rob Carney is an aspiring Hip-Hop artist from the suburbs of New Jersey. At a young age Rob was often influenced by Classic Rock & Roll but really became infatuated with the art of Rap and Hip-Hop music by his early teens. By the time he hit high school, he began channeling his feelings through the craft of Hip-Hop by recording in the basement of a close friend. Since, Rob Carney has grown to become a well-recognized name by the release of his four mixtapes and his debut album “Drawing Words” which is available on iTunes today. Rob is continuing to tour the Tri-State area and plans on releasing new music in the 2nd Quarter/Summer of 2015. Don’t miss Rob Carney’s come up and stay tuned to new music and tour dates by visiting his website.

Official website:
Twitter/Instagram: @robcarneymusic

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