Rizon Live/Soundbugz, Sending Out Love

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Rizon (pronounced ‘Rise ‘on) comes from the age old saying we have to ‘rise on up.” No matter what happens or how many times we fall down, we can rise up to face our demons and we can rise above. From the bush to the city and back again, comes the live entertainer, DJ, and vocalist Reuben Lee Rusch, Rizon Live.

Soundbugz are a group of like minded solo artists that come together to collaborate when performing at festivals and events. The two founding members, Rizon Live and DJ Player one, have both been working in the psychedelic trance/festival scene for many years. Soundbugz was the first collaboration project. Both artists support up and coming artists and producers alike. With Player one and Rizon Live often behind the decks playing solo at events, it’s great to see both artists come together for the Soundbugz project.

Front man Rizon Live has been working hard to gain support from other like-minded artists and has recently welcomed support from producer and composer Systematical (Mr. Peculiar) and NZ born artist/lyricist Celestial Serpent. Sending out love and positive vibrations or voicing frustrations of the way things are done in the world today, Soundbugz are ready to take this project to the next level. With a unique live element and endless access to music from around the globe, one thing is certain you will never see the same show twice.

Official Website: http://www.locally-hhosted-australia.com/
Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/soundbugz

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