Rikan, Building Upon The dark


Music is life, life is music. This is the living embodiment of Rikan who has followed the motto throughout his years on Earth. Within his travels, many obstacles were thrown at him in his life that caused many problems. From a 9/11 survivor at the age of 6 to PTSD, he has had a dark road built for a while. Instead of these issues stopping him from paving his way, Rikan uses these to build on. Forming his ruder, dark humor and shameless persona, Rikan Beastly, Rikan has been able to build up on his lyricism both on a technical and personal level. He has been involving himself in contest websites like One Shot and Prhyme, and recently started performing shows across New York. With over 7,000 plays and running on his Soundcloud, Rikan has had plays across the world and many likes, regardless the quality. Pay attention to the lyrics because there may be things you miss.

Official Website: http://rikanbeastly.wix.com/rikan

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