Ride With Grafikz

Rude Boy Magazine

Grafikz was born on April 1993 and starting out as a young visionary, looking at the world through his own perspective and not falling for the pressures of life. Grafikz has always been surrounded by music even at a young age and was always fascinated by the sound & wanted to be apart of that world some how. Over the years he developed the skills of video editing and working on his YouTube Channel – GrafikzTv, creating content based on his everyday life. After he learned all the editing skills he needed he soon went back to music to gain the fans and career he’s been waiting for, which will make him an uncensored visionary.

You can check out more music by Grafikz on SoundCloud at SoundCloud.com/OnlyGrafikz.

Grafikz – BL&LN featuring AC

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