Rickie B., Changing Lives Through Music


“I want to change the image of the Hip-Hop artist or a rapper. I want people to know that you can go hard in this game without being too derogatory and I want to add another dimension to this game.”

Originally born in southern California in ’93, Rickie Darnell Bailey II, Rickie B., was raised in north Las Vegas, Nevada. Primarily a Hip-Hop artist, Rickie B. is also a skilled music producer, singer, songwriter, and engineer. He is currently enrolled at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Rickie B. was always known to have a good ear for music but became serious with it at the age of 17. His interest sparked due to his lack of interest in what the radio had to offer, as well as his goal of being a difference maker in the Hip-Hop scene. In turn, he started producing his own beats and dropped his first mixtape “The Entree” a year later. Due to the response he received from his peers, he decided to continue making music. His latest project, “#RealTalk,” is a testament to the effort he’s put into his music and has a multiple of features on display.

Rickie B’s main goal is to be able to change lives through the art of music and to teach people that perseverance always wins. He’s determined to be the best at his craft and to sell out crowds all over the world.

Official Website: http://rickiebmusic.com/

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