RichSoFresh, Set In Stone


24 year old recording artist RichSoFresh has a story like no other. Fascinated with words and how powerful they were, he began documenting his daily events through journal entries in middle school. In high school it was evident that he was infatuated with writing when he demonstrated enthusiasm when it came to writing papers. Though he never considered a Rap career early on, how did Rap come into play? Rap artists such as Jay Z and Lil Wayne caught his attention. His mentality was: “They could do it, I could do it too.”

After graduating and briefly attending a liberal arts college, RichSoFresh came across a radio advertisement for audio engineering that sparked his interest. Although enrolling in The Institute of Audio Research wasn’t the easiest decision since it wasn’t a stable career, he decided to follow his passion for music regardless. RichSoFresh took advantage of the studio there to record his first two songs entitled “Go Hard” and “Take It” (produced by NetherBeats) which built him a small buzz. A year later he graduated and received a certificate for audio engineering.

In the past year RichSoFresh has released many freestyles (covers) to industry beats and many videos. Currently he is working diligently on his EP entitled “Set In Stone” and his highly anticipated debut album. He is malnourished to share his story with the world and he’s willing to share positive messages to others through his God given talent.

Official website:
Instagram: @richsofresh
Facebook: @Richard Seeram | @richsofresh


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