Rich Lowe, Get Enough

Get Enough cover scrip ltr blk n white

Rich Lowe is an artist that captures the heart and souls of many through his r&b music. He began singing at the age of 14. While attending Brooklyn High School of The Arts, his teacher, Mrs. Charlene Corbett-Thomas, discovered his talent and immediately had him join the school music program changing his major to vocal music where he quickly excelled. His amazing falsetto brings life and feeling to his songs.

Rich Lowe is co-founder of Foster Brothers Nation production along with his brother B. Sharpe. He is working hard; writing, recording, producing, and promoting his hit single “Get Enough” which is on the radio in various cities. Be sure to request it.

Official website:!rich-lowe/c1jeq
Soundcloud: @h-m-management
Twitter: @richlowe24
Instagram: @richlowe24
Facebook: @richlowe24

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