RicaaN, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop


“I’ve got a lot of people who have kept me going when I felt like quitting, but it’s those people that wanted to see me fail that are the main reason that I am closer to my dreams than ever before.”

It may be hard for one to fathom a 19 year old Puerto Rican lyricist who is also enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. It might be even harder to imagine that he is hailed as one of the best up and coming emcees out of his city by veterans in the music industry. RicaaN is officially back after a 2-year long hiatus with a vendetta against anyone who has doubted his ability to become one of the greatest Hip Hop artists of all-time. Blessed with a number of invaluable connections in the industry, and mentored by some of the best, it’s safe to say that the stars are beginning to align for this young man after countless trials and tribulations. His resilience while bouncing back from tough circumstances is truly admirable.

Although his musical ability is something he is definitely proud of, his pride and joy lies in staying true to the Marine Corps values of honor, courage, and commitment. During his upcoming year-long USMC training there will be a lot of work for him to do in a short amount of free time, but it’s highly unlikely that RicaaN will be slowing down anytime soon, if ever. In fact, fans have a lot to look forward to after his recruit training is complete, as he has plans to collaborate with Grammy-winning producer Jared Lee Gosselin.

The future looks very bright for the Indianapolis emcee who is doing everything he can to ensure he is successful, doing everything from networking with people who make six figures to reading books in order to gain knowledge. It’s very hard not to believe in someone who at only 19 years old drops gems of wisdom such as, “No one has ever become legendary without being pushed beyond their limits.” If you don’t have faith in the self-proclaimed Demigod, now would be an excellent time to start believing in him.

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