Rhythum, Bringing Major Change

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Troy Hicks, Rhythum, was born on March 16, 1972 to his loving mother Jennifer Hicks and his father Roy Chester Brown, a hustler who loved him as best as he knew how. Rhythum grew up in the streets of Dallas, TX and although his dreams wanted to take him elsewhere, D-Town has remained his home. As a child his step father owned an extensive record collection that ranged from Al Green to Smokey Robinson to Earth Wind and Fire to Stevie Wonder and countless other influential artists. Rhythum would spend endless hours listening and studying artists to no end. One artist above all enraptured and solidified his desire in becoming a performer, the incomparable Michael Jackson.

The pop-locking and singing wasn’t all he grasped from Mr. Jackson. The insatiable need for perfection and relentless work ethic were boxed and stored away in his repertoire he keeps in tow, even now on his journey to success. Rhythum became a band student in the 5th grade at Burleson Elementary in Pleasant Grove (a neighborhood in Dallas, TX) and continued in band through high school at H. Grady Spruce and eventually went on to attend the Art Institute of Dallas. There he earned an Associates in Applied Science degree in Music and Video Business.

Rhythum has since made a career as a camera operator, sound engineer, and a/v tech. These skills kept him close to the entertainment business and even closer to his true dream of producing music and films, as well as becoming a singer/songwriter. Rhythum is dubbed Hood Mike for producing hard banging beats that get the club jumping and smooth sexy tracks that have a way of making you feel something special. When Rhythum is not writing songs and producing music, he’s directing, shooting, and editing music videos and short films. Rhythum is the true definition of an artist preparing to bring a major change to the music and film world simultaneously.

Official website: www.reverbnation.com/rhythum1


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