Rey Ray, Stay Original And Powerful

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Rey Ray, Pay Ray, was born and raised in the west side on Detroit, 7 mile, and his interest in music started in middle school by participating in the school talent show and winning. Always a light in the room and athletic, he became a victim of a life changing event. Suffering from brain trauma and a remarkable recovery, Rey Ray fell off sports and leaned heavily on my music. After months of rehab he got back into rare form, locked himself in a basement for days, and constructed the cheapest-horribly put together studio to record a demo.

After becoming homeless, by the grace of God he slowly began to climb upwards. One day Rey Ray moved to Los Angeles not knowing anybody, not having a place to stay, no money, or job; just $200 to his name. Rey Ray is pushing to get his career together and get heard. He saved up and bought a whole home recording studio and starting teaching himself. He has something to say. It has substance, it’s motivational, and it’s dedication.

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