Re*Source, Wide Sound Spectrum


Re*Source is a music producer/songwriter born in San Francisco, CA on Feb 16, 1988. He began learning to use two turntables and a mixer and creating beats at the age of 15. He’s inspired by the likes of 9th Wonder, J Dilla, Dr. Dre, The Neptunes, A Tribe Called Quest, and many other great artists. Re*Source started his buzz as 1/3 of the group The EarthTones based in Vallejo, CA and also the producer of The ZOO. Re*Source has also produced for other local artists such as Reynard Silva, Cable Car Stars, SOOSH*E, and others.

As Re*Source continued to expand his creativity and skills, he has also became a veteran status producer of iStandard showcasing his tracks at shows and obtaining valuable advice from industry artists who include Bosko, Symbolic One, Decap, and more in San Francisco. Re*Source has also been part of Ryan Leslie’s Black Phoenix Beat Club and further gained knowledge and advice from the other producers and Ryan himself to perfect his craft to become a better music producer.

Nowadays he is continuing to create new music and reach out to the world and strives to work with known artists in the industry like Tinashe. Re*Source has a very wide sound spectrum and does his work to remain musically unpredictable. Anything can come out of the mind and creativity of Re*Source.

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