Relevance, The CrossOver


“I want to become a positive image for all the kids out there with a dream that are trying to stay positive when everything is negative and everyone keeps putting them down, picking on them, destroying their dreams, and all the times they became heartbroken.”

Philip Tiseo (born April 22, 1996), known by his stage name Relevance, is an independent artist from New York City. He has dealt with many endeavors during his childhood. From family problems to hanging out with the wrong people, he always thought everything he has been through was for a reason. When he was in 8th grade Relevance would rap with some of his friends from two bars to bars in a cypher. As he got older, Relevance started to become serious with the music.

When he started his sophomore year, artist J.Cole became a strong influence on him and “Show Me Something” was a favorite song. Relevance started to write songs about his life and the endeavors he had to overcome. At first he started with Hip Hop, now he currently works in EDM as well. Based on what he told his friends, Relevance wants to become an inspiration for all the good kids that are out there trying to stay positive.

As Relevance progressed with his music, he started to work with other people in the music industry such as DJ Wats (SODMG Official DJ). His mixtape “Sample Tape” dropped on December 27, 2014 12/27/14 and his upcoming album is “The CrossOver” with features with Uncle Murda and others.

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