Reggie Mik Fly, Still Here

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Growing up in a poverty stricken neighborhood named Vine City in Atlanta, Georgia, nicknamed the Bluff, Reggie Mik Fly was adopted as child because he was being raised by parents who were on drugs; he was born addicted to heroin which is the drug of choice in the Bluff. After witnessing killings and incarcerations he knew that finding a purpose in life was the way out. The opportunity to host a radio show came from WAEN radio and he created The Reggie Mik Fly Show featuring his cousin Brother Bilal as co-host and guests.

Reggie found music as an outlet and finds that many rappers today aren’t keeping to true within the meaningless songs they release. What sets him apart from the wolf pack are his lyrics that reflect his experiences and what he sees every day. As a child he wrote music and songs. His adopted mother didn’t take a liking to his writings calling it trash; the harsh criticism was due to her battle with cancer and diabetes. One song that Reggie wrote, Still Here, his about the everyday struggle and survival in poor neighborhoods.

Online Radio Staion:
Facebook: @Reggie Mik Fly
Twitter: @Reggie Mik Fly
YouTube: @The Reggie Mik Fly Show
Scatter Radio: @The Reggie Mik Fly Zone

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