Reefa Ali, Reaching Dreams Is Possible


Born and raised in Philadelphia, Bristol Pa Reefa has always been surrounded by poverty, struggle, and hard times. He grew up in a drug infested area with violence and hustlers. Reefa began rapping at the age of six not knowing what rapping actually meant, he just loved to put words that rhymed together. Reefa used his talents to better himself and get his mother out of the hood by rapping. Reefa’s goal is to become successful by getting signed and showing the youth that reaching your dreams are possible.

Reefa Ali is based off my two mixed emotions. Reefa is the smooth, low key, isolated side. While Ali is the aggressive and outgoing side. The two together create a poetic Reefa Ali. His idols are Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake, J. Cole, Tupac, Biggie, and Big Daddy Kane. Reefa Ali looks forward into having a successful career and change the sound of hip-hop back to good music

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