Reece Mills, Love Illusions


Some artists believe becoming a success is going to the studio, laying down a track, and going home. Reece Mills is one of those who believes there’s a whole lot more to the process of becoming a successful artist. Around the age of 20 he joined a group named Monsters of Success that deteriorated leaving him the last man standing. Reece still carries the moniker of M.O.S. as part of him. He explains, “Being successful is one thing but becoming a monster, someone that becomes so big that they overcome the success and make it a way of life, that’s how I think.” As he now ventures as a solo artist, he will be dropping a new single titled “Tip Her” which will change up the style he’s been known for – a smooth R&B crooner.

During his time with M.O.S. Reece met Frank Nitti who provided guidance to begin making a name for themselves around Allentown, Pennsylvania. He was at every show getting his name out and networking with fellow artists. It took years but Reece became a household name around the Allentown music scene as one of the best R&B music talents around. It took the connection from fellow artist, EZ, and the musical production from DeXmen to take Reece’s sound to another level. What we have now is one of the truly dynamic voices around. The local scene has been conquered but Reece has always had a vision of being a star, someone who can sell out the biggest venues around the world. The last piece of the puzzle was his mom who took on the vital role of his manager.

As of this moment Reece is currently recording fresh new material to show the growth and the new Reece Mills with the help of the upstart B.A.M.G. (Blue Anchor Music Group) label and TNTMG. His first two singles, “Tip Her” and “Fallen,” both have great videos out via YouTube and are off his first EP “Love Illusions” which can be found on all online media outlets. This is only the beginning though. The dawn of a new era is among R&B fans everywhere. Reece Mills is on the horizon.

Instagram: @Reecemos
Twitter: @Reecemos


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