Redris, Set It All On Fire

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As a young boy Redris picked up piano playing by ear and comes from a family of talent. His mother is a singer and amazing painter. His grandmother  is a pianist by ear and father a guitarist, secret singer himself. He began writing at the very young age of 10 years old and composing around 13. Redris obtained his BA degree in Media from A.I.U May 2010. He has worked with many local artists such as Phylle, Christian Michael, Picasso, Anointed Spirit, Illicit Vice, Steven Knight, and many more. He placed music in the film “Dirty Laundry 2006” starring Rockman Dunbar and directed by Maurice Jamal.

Redris is one of those rare true artists who produces, writes, and arranges his own material. Not only that, he wears each hat very well. He is also one of the most modest and humble talents you would ever meet. He does the music because he loves it! And that’s what sets him apart from other artists.

He is currently living in Atlanta, GA by way of Utica, NY “Corn Hill.” You can catch him singing in local venues bringing down the house spreading Autism Awareness. Encouraging his audience to love and believe in themselves, Redris will be releasing an EP in spring of 2015 titled “Set it all on Fire.”

Learn more about Redris on his Official Facebook Page.

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