Rec Riddles, The Medicine Man

Rec Riddles

Rec Riddles is a 26 year old producer/emcee from New Jersey based in St. Louis, MO whose persona is derived from the classic DC Comics villain The Riddler and he lives up to his moniker. He leaves hidden messages in his music that listeners must decipher to fully grasp his music. He offers puzzles of viewpoints that constantly change and brain teasers of sonic intellect. Rooted in vintage, yet leaping toward the future, his beats are laid with harsh drum hits, growling bass lines, melancholy chords that are all meshed together with dirty sample loops and little nuances of live instruments.

Rec Riddles has been featured on four iStandard Producers Showcases including 2014’s Beast of the Beats 8. It doesn’t stop there. He accompanies these compositions with tongue twisting wordplay, tales of life both reality and fantasy that are delivered with smooth tenor cadences. He has performed at St. Louis Underground Music Festival 2015 and St. Louis’ Freshmen Class XIII. Rec Riddles has also been nominated for the 2016 Slumfest Hip Hop Awards in the Freshman Class Artist of the Year category.

Rec Riddles is not a beat making rapper, he is a producing emcee. He is gearing up to release his debut project entitled The Medicine Man spring 2016. His 2 singles from The Medicine Man, “The 4th Kind” and “Wrath of a Menace” have been receiving airplay on online radio and have been place on some popular hip hop blogs. So the question still remains, who is this guy and where did he come from? Riddle me that.

Twitter/Instagram: @rec_riddles
Audiomack: @rec-riddles

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