Real Deal, Started With A Karaoke Machine


Real Deal from Boston MA, 25 years old. I started rapping at the age of 12. I first recorded a song on a karaoke machine. The song was called “I Miss You.” At the age of 17 I began going to the studio. I recorded an album called “Dramatic Story.” I performed a song called “Life is What U Make It” on BNN TV in Boston. Shout out to Rob, he’s a cool guy.

At 18 I started to record my songs on my laptop and have a few mixtapes. When I was going to the studio I was going so much I was in there 8-10 hours and I started going for free. I also performed a poem on BN TV. I rapped a song called “Getaway” on CCTV, Cambridge Television.

I started writing more and more as time went on and became more involved with social media. By the age of 23 I had over 85+ songs. I was on the MB Network and 3 of my songs got played. I started going on air 3 days. A few things became interesting for me. I started interviewing other artists.

I promote and produce my own music making a name for myself. I can make beats. Music is everything. I’m currently working on songs now, but no timetable of when I’m going to finish my next project.

Learn more about Real Deal by following him on Twitter @realdeal617 and on these websites:

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