Raze-ing the Bar of Music

Rude Boy Magazine

For the broken-down bodegas, Wall Street wannabes and underground club kids; there is a new hip hop artist looking to raise the bar in this city. Raze’s style speaks to the ladies at the bar and to the men looking to take them home. Raze is the quintessential bachelor. His music consistently crosses genres, but the lyrics and delivery still remain true to its authentic NYC brand of hip-hop. His album ‘Raze The Bar’ which premiered Jan 28th is the perfect fit to be played straight through at any club, party, or event where guests are to lose their inhibitions. The title of the album is a double meaning for both elevating the standard and partying as hard as you can. Flowing from the parties to the streets, Raze entertains any and all crowd.

Check out Raze on his website www.ineedaraze.com. Listen to more of his music on SoundCloud at soundcloud.com/ineedaraze.

Raze – Let’s Go!

Raze – The Fame feat. Rob Johnson

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