12 Rappers Who Own Very Successful Clothing Lines

1. Ja Rule – Left Right Brand

We often see Ja advertising his clothing brand Left Right Brand on Facebook and social media. From where the spark of this line came from, we haven’t found out, but we know it is actively being worn by the masses. It’s not on the level of Rocawear, but you’ve got to give the man credit for the creation of the successful line.


2. Lil Wayne – Trukfit

Little did Wayne know when he started his start up clothing company Trukfit, that it would appeal to the masses. Are we surprised? Of course not, it’s Lil Wayne, anything he creates will sell. However, the creative part of Trukfit is that it’s actually a skateboarding line to which has nothing to do with rap.


3. Chris Brown – Black Pyramid

A not well known brand commercially, but popularized directly by Brown through direct to consumer relations, Black Pyramid quietly climbed to the top as one of the best start up lines in hip hop clothing. We are unsure of when he started the brand, but was introduced as an addition to his popular blog.


4. Jay-Z – Rocawear

Rumor has it that Rocawear still makes around $500M a year. To where they distribute, we don’t know. But we know they are still coming out with new collections every season. Since 2014, they’ve signed on Fabolous to model for some of the new fits.

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5. Big Sean – Aura Gold

Big Sean’s new clothing line was launched in 2013. We know very little about the line, but if Sean is backing it up, what can go wrong?


6. Pusha T – Play Cloths

Many people did not know that Play Cloths was a brand owned by Clipse member Pusha T. It started in 2008 by him and his brother Malice (The Clipse). We know first hand they make some pretty high end garments. Do not expect this brand to go away any time soon.


7. Jim Jones – Vamp Life

In 2011, Jim Jones started his clothing line called Vamp Life. We didn’t find out until recently that he had a few disputes with the investors of the line, but until that time, the brand was doing quite well. Jim’s clothing line features dozens of varieties of shirts, sweaters and general street wear.


8. Nicki Minaj – Nicki Minaj for Kmart

Nicki started her clothing line in 2013 called the Nicki Minaj collection exclusively for K-Mart. That is very nice of her, and her styles are fresh as well. We didn’t even know K-Mart still existed. Her collection also includes accessories and housewares.


9. Kanye West – Yeezy

We don’t know what to say about Yeezy. We haven’t seen too much of it, besides of the rag styles that are being sold at ridiculous prices. However, it seems like people want to buy it; a high price to pay to look homeless if you ask me.


10. Tyga – Last Kings

Tyga created this clothing line influenced by Egyptian culture and his reflection of a “king.” His clothing line is highly successful and sales figures looked relatively high through the last few years.


11. Pharrell Williams – Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream

It is no surprise that Pharrell is still on top of his game when it comes to the fashion industry. His lines BBC and Ice Cream still dominates a lot of retail as well as online sales space. He also has Billionaire Girls Club as well.


12. Diddy – Sean John

Yup, it’s true, Sean John is still around and still coming out with new merchandise every season. This is another line that we don’t know where distribution comes in, or where the sales come from. But we do know that there are still a few Sean John stores in existence. Hard to believe, but it’s true. Diddy is still banking off SJ!


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