RandyRan, Nerd In Athlete’s Body


RandyRan developed a knack for putting music together mentally and beatboxing at 5 years old. Once he turned 21 he was introduced to Acid Loops and Samples and moved on to FL Studio. From that point on RandyRan was making beats at work in between tech support calls. To this day he doesn’t know how he ever got away with that.

After becoming comfortable with music production, RandyRan was able to take a lot of the melodies that he remembered and re-create them. His music is inspired by video games, the golden age of Hip Hop, and life experiences. His style is loose, fun, and experimental. One fact about RandyRan is that he has no idea how to read music or play the piano; sometime it takes a while for the notes in his mind to reach the computer.

RandyRan is basically a nerd in an athlete’s body because he plays a lot of sports and appears to be the last person who would be a tech geek, create video game inspired music, enjoy sci-fi movies, read comic books, etc. He also enjoys drawing, playing, sports, teaching, and helping others. RandyRan’s favorite music producers and composers are DJ Premier, Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Hans Zimmer, and Yuzo Koshiro. In the future he would love to score the music in a video game or a movie. It would be a dream come true to work on a track with DJ Premier or Timbaland!

SongCast: www.songcastmusic.com/profiles/randyran

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