Raisi K., The Raisin Man

Raisi K

Raisi K. (aka the Raisin Man) is a rap/hip-hop and electronic music instrumental producer who started music production in 2010 with primary focus on video game soundtracks and TV/pop culture sampling.

Some of his production credits include BONES of TeamSESH, Chris Travis of the WATER BOYZ, Carigamist, P2ski, Young Cheeb and other underground artists.

Raisi K. is currently an independent artist and founder of the Raisin Man Army fan group, as well as a signed beat writer under Fulton Yard Unlimited, Co-Artist under the group A-1 Entertainment, and Co-Producer in the producer group Dream Team Music.

Twitter: @RealDealRaisi_K
Instagram: @Theraisinman
Facebook Music Page: Raisi K. Beats

Learn more about Raisi K on his YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/channel/UCigaaXtXRhw5Z9N2cnz1oew.

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