R$ Rafayel Blanco, Progressive Hip Hop


As a 1st gen born American/Dominican rapper, Rafael Jose Cordero, R$ Rafayel Blanco, released his 1st hip hop mixtape in 2009 titled The Intreview that created a buzz with his unique diverse style in the underground hip hop community. Born in Long Island, New York on August 22, 1989, he was raised by his young mother Iris in a poverty stricken urban neighborhood in the Bronx, New York. Rafayel learned early in life how to survive the fast pace environment and drifted from his incarcerated father’s career habits. He decided that there were other ways of helping his mother put food on the table, but he was on a down ward spiral none the less.

Writing his first album Evil Infatuation in 2013, his rock/euro dance-influenced single “99 Bottles” was co-written by industry accredited writer Evan Roberts and guitar work done by Charles Hubbard (president of Rmoney Inc.). Their work immediately caught the attention of fans charting to the Top 40 most single played on Reverbnation. Currently gaining the attention from some of the most influential labels in the industry, Rafayel is now motivated more than ever to create his best work yet. He’s also played a major role in creating his own genre of music entitled progressive hip hop which is a creative blend between rock and hip hop in its upmost purest fashion; some tend to call it the “Rmoney Sound.”

Starting his independent label RMoney Entertainment in 2010, Rafayel is aiming towards becoming a power house competitor in an industry in which can make you or break you depending on the decisions made and direction taken during this journey. He’s started working on a trilogy series of mixtapes entitled Momsaidno explaining in details and depicting key points of his life as a youth while ignoring his mother’s wishes of being a good kid in a crazy city.

Official website: www.rmoney.media
Instagram: @RmoneyRafayel978
Twitter: @RmoneyRafayell
Artist Ecard: Rafayel

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