r IV r


r IV r (pronounced rivers) is a concept that was created by a few art-intellectual individuals based out of Korea, Los Angeles, CA, Oakland, CA, New Haven, CT, NY, NY, and West Africa. They wanted to emphasize fashion and emotion via music, yet still be considered soundtrack material. Luckily this abstract came natural for r IV r. The first collaborative recording was released on the H20 Soundcloud page in December of 2013, only as an experimental process. Within a few days, thousands of plays were racking up followed by comments of interested listeners. Within months an album was released on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Spotify titled “r IV r” and is continuously being downloaded to date.

Through only word of mouth, the studio work speaks for itself. A second r IV r production is desired, with no release date set. The project is considered portfolio appropriate for H20$$$SPORTS$$$, but there is no rush to the finish line. The nearly anonymous trio had already brought us 4 album releases prior to r IV r, with their earliest demo released in 2012. The vibes are personal and classic as they are novel. While keeping under the radar, they are only interested in bringing together experiences that clearly translates into a finished product deemed desirable.

H20 Sports Bandcamp: www.h20sports.bandcamp.com
r IV r Bandcamp: www.rivr.bandcamp.com

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