Quis Styles, Fear and desire = Jealousy

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Quis Styles is a 25 year old independent recording artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the north side to be exact, who was born with a passion for music. It was something introduced to him at birth by his grandmother who would turn her radio loud and play all her favorites. While growing up Styles would write raps in his note book but never looked at it as something he would take serious prioritizing basketball instead. He moved to the west side of Milwaukee to the Westlawn Projects where he started getting a little buzz off his ability to free style, but the notoriety still didn’t evolve his interest above a hobby.

Styles left the projects for college to play basketball and during the season he was injured. He decided to pick up rap as a first priority and he put out a mixtape. People quickly noticed how he would use a lot of two way punch lines and how every song sounded different.

Styles has been progressing forward with his project Talents Evolves Naturally that’s available on Datpiff. Having huge success last year, Styles now gears up for his third solo project titled Fear and desire = Jealousy 2.

Twitter: @quis_styles_MCF

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