Q.P., Wanting To Change The World


Q.P. is an emcee from Jacksonville, North Carolina who recently relocated to Maryland, but Jacksonville is where he was bred and it’s where his heart is at. Q.P. started rapping when he was about 13 and has been in love with music all his life. Coming from a Jamaican mother, the music he heard all his life has been quite the variety with reggae being one of his main influences. Though it may sound a bit cliche, Bob Marley is a major influence of Q.P. because of his philosophies on life, revolutionary nature, and absolutely ground breaking music.

Q.P.’s background is a little complex being an African American, which is an oxymoron within itself. He wasn’t raised in the projects, although he was poor and lived in the hood all throughout his adult years. This has shaped his views and it reflects in his music in major ways. As an avid reader, Q.P.’s readings have also shaped his views. The philosophical views presented in his readings are so intriguing that being a philosophical being by nature, Q.P. couldn’t help but be entranced by the metaphysical meaning in them that mirror Buddhist belief and spiritual systems.

As you can probably tell by now, Q.P. is not like most rappers. If you support Q.P. and help push him to the next level, he’ll expose this world to something it hasn’t seen since Tupac and Malcolm X. Q.P. truly wants to change the world.

Official Website: https://qpmusic3.bandcamp.com/releases

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