Qali Stacks, Money Stack Music Group


Qali Stacks is a hip-hop star born in Los Angeles but hailing from San Diego, California. As one of the marquee artists from Money Stack Music Group, he is currently prepping his forthcoming project “Southern #CaliFlyNiggaz Volume 1” for a first-quarter 2015 release featuring B.Lay, Emerson Windy, M. Dot, Tooley Wopp, and Vitani The Great.

With his recording project underway, he is excited about releasing it in the near future as he has seen many of his compatriots reach benchmarks of success. “I started off writing and working with other artists especially because I work as a sound engineer. Don’t get me wrong I love doing my own thing and putting my own music together, but I also love working with other artists even as a ghostwriter.”

With that he expressed an interest to stretch his musical reach and write for more established artists. When asked about where he would take it he said, “I don’t believe there’s anything I can’t do. If the opportunity arose I’d write R&B, pop, or punk rock. I just like making music that’s fun and being witty with the wordplay, but at the end of the day it would just have to be the right situation.”

Be sure to check out Qali during this period of rebranding and visit his website (currently under construction) as he will be releasing his first single soon and giving away 100 free copies to the first 100 people that sign up for his fan club/newsletter; with more giveaways and contest to come. He mentioned possibly doing something similar for the release of his album.

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