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Who is Ivy Rivera? Take a closer look at the new face of media and television. As the current host of Tea Time Radio, the Brooklyn native has set trends in the entertainment business from commercial television to her own programming. Check out the exclusive interview with the media personality, and executive producer Ivy Rivera

RB: When did you start your journey in the television? What made you want to go into this industry?
I officially started my journey in the media industry about 5 years ago. My eldest brother is the reason I began to see how far my talents could take me in this industry. When I was young, my brother was who I looked up to; he always played music and had a vast collection. He and I would watch all of these music talk shows and video countdowns religiously. My brother has cerebral palsy and in a perfect world, if he were healthy, he would be working in the media industry so I live my dreams for him.

How did your family feel when you first got into the entertainment business?
That’s a great question. In the beginning my parents really didn’t see a bright future for me. My mom and dad are very old-school and pushed me to go to college, get a degree, and hopefully have the inspiration to become a doctor or a lawyer as they all would like – but I am very motivated by my own self and by my brother and I live every day to prove them wrong and show that your dreams for one can become a reality and you can be very successful in doing so. They see the progress and are proud, but I have more convincing to do. They will get used to it one day.

What was your childhood like growing up on the east coast in Brooklyn?
Growing up, I had the best childhood my mother could provide me with. The neighborhood I lived in was not a place you’d like to visit. I definitely grew up very street smart because of the way my neighborhood was, so in a way I am thankful for the things I learned that a book could’nt teach me. Growing up in my hood, it kept my mind very alert and aware of what reality really was. I won’t lie and say I grew up in a suburban area because I surely didn’t. I grew up used to gun shots being fired almost every day, people standing on corners to do nothing legal, and being around a lot of people who have become a product of their environment. It was not so rough for me, but I surely had to focus on not doing the same and following my passion.

Can you briefly describe the overall hip hop scene and community in NY right now for those who are overseas?
It really depends on the scene you’re in. There are indie artist who are hood famous, mainstream artists that get radio play in heavy rotation and most of all it depends on what kind of hip-hop you like. There are different genres of hip-hop in hip-hop if that makes any sense. There is more of the New York hip-hop a more southern kind of sounds more Chicago kind of sound and it’s all infused in our area so it really depends on your preference and what you like to listen to that determines the scenery. But for the most part, it’s very competitive.

Tell me about your latest programs and shows you are currently hosting, and a little about your future endeavors.
Currently, I am producing and hosting the college radio show that has gained syndication in other cities and land a podcast on iTunes. For a college radio show, that is much more than an accomplishment. In the future, I plan on creating a household name for myself in the media industry as the source for the latest, exclusive interviews adn eventually collaborate with some dope companies to branch into fashion, or even creating my own fragrance. Right now, I am heading to California to cover the BET experience, as well as the ASCAP awards. I was recently nominated for the 2015 IED Awards as a distinguished correspondent in NYC. I am full of humility of everything that has been happening in my career path and I’m excited for what’s to come.

What are the biggest things that drive to become successful in your career?
My brother drives me to become successful in my career. My brother has unknowingly taught me sacrifice, patience and how to remain optimistic. Watching my brother smile and love his life despite all of his limitations in life, I never can have a reason to complain or get impatient with the process of my journey in this industry. He inspires me to go after my dreams.

Tell us about your personal life, do you have a family? What do you do outside of work? What are your hobbies Ivy?
I dream of one day having a family, but as of right now my main focus is my career. I enjoy spending time with my friends and enjoying my city. I also love shopping and just relaxing when I can. I take pleasure in modeling and acting, which are some of my other passions. And of course, I love to dance! I’ve danced for 11 years and have been teaching children for 2.

You are so talented in many ways, do you see yourself creating your music, or launching your own business in the near future?
As of right now, I am working on building my brand for myself and Tea Time Radio. I have good faith that whatever is meant for me will happen in God’s timing.

Where can people connect with you? Give us your social media links and how we can find you.
You can always tune in to Tea Time Radio every Thursday from 7-8pm ET on rippedradionetwork.com and subscribe to my podcast on iTunes by searching ‘Tea Time Radio’. You can also follow me on Instagram and on Twitter @TheIvyRivera.

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