Pyrobethename, Outstanding Rap Flow


Pyro is a 21 years old artist born and raised on the West Side of Chicago. He first started experimenting with making music at 7 years old through various school activities and rapping with friends. Nicknamed Pyro for his outstanding rap flow, he is known for putting his lyrics together perfectly with amazing punchlines and metaphors.

Pyro’s older brother gave the name Pyro to Shaquille as a reflection of him. Originally making music with a broken microphone in his room and later turning his workplace into his own home studio, Pyro professionally masters and mixes his music perfectly.

Looking to build his fan base and make music that relates to his fans, Pyro is always working on new material. Pyro says, “These projects are a direct understanding of the music the fans want to hear, but not fully receiving!”

Learn more about Pyro on his Official Artist Website.

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