Purplecatjane, Shifter


Purplecatjane is a musician from Memphis, TN who uses music to keep sane. Without it, his life would not be the same. Primarily a guitarist and keyboardist, he studied percussion in school and played drums in various bands. As a drummer, he has toured Tennessee and opened up for the band Four Year Strong and other semi-known bands. Before he started Purplecatjane, he was the producer/beatmaker for a group called The Bear and Fear that released one LP and one EP in the span of two years and played an electronic festival in Memphis called Memfest.

As Purplecatjane, he has self-released one EP and has recently released a single through Rarennudes, an online record label based in Memphis. He’s collaborated with a well-known producer named Headphone Activist on remixing the song “Shifter” which got tens of thousands of plays on Soundcloud. All Trap Nation reposted some of his music as well and got the music video for the song “Misplaced,” made by Michael Wheeler (minivan_markus), many views on YouTube as well.

Purplecatjane’s finishing up recording for an EP set to release in late spring through his good friends at Rarennudes. He has two more singles to release, both with music videos. His goals are to get the music to places he didn’t think it could go, from Asia to Europe and all over. He’s also planning a small tour to cover the mid-south region of the United States. Purplecatjane directs and edits all of his music videos and has two he’s releasing in the days coming up to the release of the EP.

Official website: www.purplecatjane.bandcamp.com
Soundcloud: purplecatjane

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