Pure Hustle Records, Creating A Platform For Artists


Pure Hustle Records, owned by Marc Ross, is a newly constructed record label with visions to platform artists like the labels No Limit, Cash Money, and Grand Hustle has done for their own. With this distribution, artists will have a worldwide major distribution company behind them that will distribute their music to over 300 plus digital stores worldwide.

Pure Hustle Records can get your singles played on FM radio stations to get you more fans and followers if they like your music. Artists will get royalties from their music as long as it is registered, copyrighted, and you have exclusive beats for your songs. Artists will also have their music in placement to be picked for movies as well.

Pure Hustle Records recent work includes the hot single from En-Effable titled “Squitos (Mosquitos)” and MyFolk’s single “Stand Up’ featuring Shug Da Joog. The label recently signed Pro2Col Records based in South Carolina and will be releasing a mixtape titled Beast Mode under the Pure Hustle umbrella.

Official website: www.rross2005.wix.com/purehustleradio#!home/mainPage
Twitter: @Candyman8486
Soundcloud: @marc-ross-20
Facebook: @Marc Ross


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